Hidden City – The Enchanted Mirror

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LONDON, until 11 Jan 2015. HiddenCity presents a fairytale adventure inspired by the story of Snow White. Your challenge: in teams of up to four people, solve a trail of clues set by an evil queen, in search of a magical mirror. Stroll down cobbled streets, weave through galleries and pause for drinks in tucked-away taverns. Expect to find yourself seeking out hidden objects and presenting code words to people you meet along the way. As a prize for solving the clues, you’ll embark on a journey across the capital.

Then, if you feel bold enough to gather your most trusted companions and to take on the witch’s challenge now is your chance! For masters of the clue-solving treasure trail Hidden City have resurrected it.

Running time: 3-4hours

Price:£40 per team of up to four