Hogwarts in the Snow this Christmas!

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LONDON, until 1 Feb 2015.This Christmas, the most magical snowfall of the season will return to Warner Bros.

Harry Potter’s sets have undergone a Christmas festive makeover. You’ll get the chance to see  the castle and the iconic Great Hall decorated for Christmas using the actual golden partridges, baubles and props seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Eight Christmas trees will line the iconic set and two long dining tables will be dressed as they were for seasonal feasts with prop versions of turkeys, hams, fruit, vegetables and snow cakes.

For the first time at the Studio Tour, the film series’ Special Effects Department will use coloured lights and a special vapour that flickers and dances to create ‘fire’ in the Great Hall and Gryffindor common room fireplaces.

Costumes on display will include Molly Weasley’s hand-knitted jumpers, one of the first Christmas presents Harry ever received at Hogwarts, his Invisibility Cloak, and the dress Luna Lovegood wore to the Slug Club Christmas party in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Price: £21.50-£30