Peter Pan Cup

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LONDON, 25 Dec 2015.  members of the Serpentine Swimming Club are preparing to swim their traditional 100-yard (91-metre) Christmas Day race. this race takes place each year on Christmas morning.

Swimmers have met in London’s Hyde Park on Christmas morning since 1864 to compete in the Christmas Day swim.

The first Christmas Day swimming race was won by H. Coulter. He won a gold medal, which became the customary prize for the winner.

The Peter Pan Cup is only open to members of the Serpentine Swimming Club who have qualified during the season.

The icy Serpentine waters are usually below 4ºC degrees in the winter, so swimmers must become acclimatized over a period of time.

The race on 25 December takes place on the south bank of the lake, close to the Serpentine Café.